I just received my Angelina Musgrove and I must say I am SOOOOO disappointed in her color!!! She is brown. More like a bi-racial baby (maybre even a little darker than that). I thought she would be very light as all the ones I have see finished are paler colored. I think I am getting spoiled with he BB newer vinyl. It is pale and nice. I am thinking I may need lots of neutralizing washes, what colors do you recommend? She is not orange really and she certainly is not Pink. Where do I start? Any tips anybody?

Do you have a picture?

Get a good color wheel. Match her color and use the opposite color to neutralize.

Thanks for the tip. I will try to post a picture of her tomorrow, it’s too late tonight. I have to use a camera. load to computer and then put it on here. It’s getting evening now and I don’t think the color will show up to good. But Thanks Ladies !

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I did that one …It is a very dark vinyl…very soft too…can’t remember what I did with it but you will need a colour wheel…I think I went with a milky violet colour…(added in some flesh 08 or titanium white and did a thin layer or two…but can’t remember as it has been a while since I did him early last year. Once you do the neutralizing though I mixed 4/5 - 08 - flesh with about 1/5 baby flesh for the flesh coats…I do remember that. The BB pre-mix baby flesh has a bit of pink in it and it counteracts the yellowish brown in the vinyl while the 08 keeps the baby very fair.


Thank You Starr, that is exactly what I’m looking for. I love your baby, simply beautiful!!! I only have a pocket color wheel I think I’ll get a better one so I have access to a better color scheme. Your tips are soooo helpful I wouildn’t have been able to get what I am looking for without them. If I can get my baby anywhere close to the look you have I will be thrilled !! Thanks Again.

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I just got a doll in the same vinyl you did. i hate the color and it makes it difficult to visualize the baby.

Well here is the color difference, It doesn’t look as bad on the picture as it does in real life. The baby in the picture with her is BB’s Lane. What a difference huh?

You are very welcome…and thank you for the very sweet comments…with the neutralizing colour that you make up…do a little on the flange first and cook it and make sure that it is taking you in the direction you are wanting to take your baby’s complexion …that way if you need to make adjustments you can without having to worry…


Thanks again Starr that is a brilliant tip, I will definitely do it !!