Does anyone else think she would be adorable with open eyes?


I do, but I think her eyes would be hard to open realistically. Her eyelids are too smooth.

Oh yeah, I just mean sculpted in a new kit option.

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I would prefer a bottom lip visible too. She would be cuter. IMO

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Yeah. Just a little show

who are we talking about here?

Angel , the new kit

I think she would look wicked cute with open eyes :slight_smile: I want that kit so bad lol just because it would be a challenge for me lol I wish I bought her brother on 2nds when they had him. Now I’m kicking myself! I would love to see your Angel when your done reborning her. I’m sure she will be amazing

I thought this was about Angel by Bonnie Seiben until somebody said she needs a bottom lip. Bonnie’s Angel has a very full one.

I have open eyes and the blink too :wink: O an wink lol just kidding