Angel Silk stuffing! INCREDIBLE

I thought I loved the stuffing I was using before, but was I wrong.

Angel Silk from BB is incredible. Worth every penny! I LOVE it and highly recommend it.



I’ve been tempted to get some, but I worry that the shipping box will be huge. :joy:

I ordered one of their 2lb boxes of Angel Silk and I was appalled at the size of the box that came. It was small and I couldn’t imagine how I would ever get even one reborn made from what was in it. But when I opened it, boy was I wrong. Once air got in the bag the stuffing started to grow and there was a lot more in there than seemed possible. And it’s soooo soft. I’m getting ready to use it for the first time and can’t wait!

Oh, I didn’t know they shipped it like that. I’ll need to order some!

I wish I had bought some now. Does it truly make a remarkable difference? I really need to know because I’m making my sister a portrait of her son reborn of lulu and I want it to be perfect. Thanks!

I think it makes the baby more bendable… And it doesn’t take much to accomplish this. I fill my limbs, head, butt, and top portion near the shoulders with regular polyfil, only using the angel silk in the middle there where it matters.