And you wonder why I don't get any painting done!

I thought I would share a photo my daughter took this afternoon. Between the laundry and the cat, it’s hard to get to the poor things to paint them! And yes, they have more coloring than the photo shows since the flash washed them out. Still a ways to go though and yes, the cat is now sleeping next to them, not on them…of course now he has decided the clean laundry makes a better bed!


That’s exactly why I keep my cat out of the “baby” room. :smile:

My baby room got put on the sidelines by a nephew moving in. Plus I do all my painting on my bed so it was mostly going to be for storing and displaying babies. Maybe someday. I just need to get organized around here and hang the changing table and bassinet from the ceiling so the cats and dogs can’t get in! I’d been painting and they hadn’t made it back into the cabinet yet. At least they haven’t eaten any of them yet!

Haha! That does make it a little difficult to keep them out. It’s so funny how the critters gravitate to the baby items.

We keep having cats show up on our back porch and ask for a home. This one was a little kitten (too small to have walked far and too tame to be a stray) that came this spring. As you can tell, he’s turning into a panther! He used to wrestle with my chihuahua for a half hour at a time but now he is getting lazy!

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He’s beautiful!