An odd occurance and my nifty fix

See this handsome healthy boy Kai? He is a very special baby. He was reborn by Krystal Rainey Anderson and purchased by the late Deborah McCandless. When she passed away, I purchased him from her husband. I love this baby as he is beautiful! However, his arms and legs would not turn. I took him apart to see why and it seems he has plugs in the limbs that were glued in place with some kind of glue that oozed out and had bonded to the cloth body. No problem, I get them all detached, pick off dried glue residue from inside the body and then put him all back together. Seems fine until the next time I go to change him and once again his limbs will not turn. Whatever glue was used in his limb caps just keeps adhering to the cloth body. SO I have been pondering a while what to do about this. It is obvious from looking at them that there is no way I can get all this glue residue off as it is all over the end caps. So I am thinking I need to cover them all up but with what? I don’t want to use yet another glue to glue cloth over them because I am concerned the 2 glues will also react to each other. After some time it comes to me. I will try Glad Press and Seal. So I cut a piece off and press it entirely over the end of the flange and slightly overlapping the sides. I press it all down so that it is stuck well and then with scissors trim the excess all around the cable tie channel of the flange. Once again I press the edges all in place. I reattach the limb running the cable tie over the channel with the press and seal securely stuck down into it. Wallah! Baby’s limbs are attached and turn well. This was on Thursday that I did this. Today I checked Kai out and his limbs are still turning well! I think I have fixed my problem.



That was a great fix!

He is super handsome! AND I think you just added a hack for everyone!

Great fix

Smart fix!!