An apology/thank you so much for everyone for helping me with my rooting needles/rooting tool

Thank you so much for everyone for helping me including the young lady that gave me some small training in using my 42 gage needle with the 3 bars .

I was able to find a way to be able to be able to add hair ,am now going to be using my tiny little needle. Until I order more of the 42 gage needles and the 38 gage as well ,this morning I decide it to test it on my test Limb on this tiny needle .and it work ,it took hair ,an happy with the results ,I was trying to wrap tape around the tiny rooting needles to my wooden rooting tool ,that became a disaster and a mess lol :joy:,so Instead I decide it to wrap tape around the tiny needle ,to have a better support on my fingers /hand ,great results ,you can see on the pic in my test limb how to hair went in fast too ,that’s what I was looking for ,something fast ,so it work , but am still going to be practicing with my 42 gage needle until I get use to it ,but for now am using the tiny rooting needle until I order more of the 42 gage with 3 bars and the 38 gage needles as well .

Also I wanted to apologize for the way I was behaving the other day ,I guess am not use too that kind of a critic ,but my apologies if I offend anyone ,but my feelings are sensitive ,but I have to learn to accept criticism ,as it’s the only way I can learn ,but I hope to get to know each of you ,as I do love to get to know everyone.

I also just glue the mohair ,so tomorrow going to Trump her mohair on the back ,and continue part 2 that way I know wish way to go next .i did scratch a paten on how I want her mohair to go to root on .but I had no idea ,that this is taking me long ,not use to using my 42 gage needle,normally with the 38 gage needle I root faster since the rooting needle takes more hair then the 42 ,cuz the hole :hole: is smaller lol :joy:,but am Learning, but am looking forward to share her ones she is all put together and share her on here soon :blush::blush::heart:


Here’s a little tidbit of advice. To avoid all those black spots around the holes, clean your needle really good. I scrub mine with an alcohol swab. Cleaning the needle will make your holes cleaner and less visible. :wink:
I’m glad you’re enjoying your new hobby. Keep having fun. :blush:


Oh wow :star_struck: ok thank you :blush:,will do that next time ,thank you so much :blush::blush::heart:

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Apology accepted by me.

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