Amelia weight

How much should Amelia weigh…or any toddler her size

If you tell me her weight I got the calculator from custom doll baby that tells you exactelly how much weight to put in each limb and such. Sooo worth the money.

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Idk yet

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The kit length should be on the description

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Suppose to be 25 inches

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I weighted my 24 inch Kitten at 8 lbs. It felt just right to me. Don’t weight the head, though. Toddler heads aren’t flopoy. I used a piece of foam pipe insulation for support. I put one end in the head. and well packed polyfil above and around it. The other end went down into the body. I used a piece that was about 10-11 inches long. I’d use armature with Amelia because of her being a crawling baby.


Thank you so much

You are very welcome. That was supposed to say toddler heads, not Todd look heads. Stupid auto correct.