Amazing lifelike reborn

Every now and then I come across a reborn that takes my breath away with their realism. I hope it’s okay to post a pic here. I saw this on ebay while doing a search. I really thought it was a real baby. I long to be this good. Cheryl van Pletzen reborned it. It’s a Arcello sculpt.


That is amazing!

Absolutely beautiful work by the artist!!!

She is amazing!

oh my wow thats amazing

i cant find her on ebay


Amazing pics in the auction!

WOW! No wonder she has won so many awards. Incredible! I hope the auction amount continues to climb.

shes amazing

Her work is incredible!! Do you think she is using the yellow/blue/red wash technique?

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OMGosh! I wish mine were half this good. What an amazing job.

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WOW, Gorgeous!

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Shes with out a doubt stunning.

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Did anyone notice the one under her on the eBay listing? It’s another stunning one.

That is absolutely outstanding and she is so amazing wow, sculptor and reborn artist knocked it out of the ballpark. Is this a kit if so where can we find it please

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It’s a sold out Harper kit by Andrea Arcello

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Harper was one of twins - Tate was the sleeping baby. I have reborned Tate and have Harper in the “to do” bin. Precious sculpts!


I love this kit! Happy baby!