Amaya Came!

I cannot wait to paint this girl!! Her head is smaller than I expected, like half the size of Emmy’s. Emmy and Cuddles are the only toddlers I’ve seen in person, and her head is definitely smaller than theirs. Her limbs are long, but she doesn’t look disproportionate to me. Her vinyl is very nice and soft, mine has only one or two small rough spots that will probably be rubbed away - great quality. She looks absolutely gorgeous. I got number 268 out of 600.


Thank you for the review . Waiting for my kit as well .
What size wig do you have for her and where is the best place to order one thank you .

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I bought a child-sized wig from Amazon, but it’s a bit too big. I think all doll wigs are too small, though. I’m going to attempt to cut the bottom of the wig and sew it back together to make it smaller!


She’s lovely!

No way I would be able to root her so better do my research for the proper wig :smiley:

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Who is the sculptor? Looks just like my niece. I may need to get this kit…


Thank you!

I think she is on sale at Irresistables… let me look

$119 instead of $159.99


She is beautiful I look forward to seeing her progress!

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My goodness she is on my must have list.

She’s beautiful!!! :star_struck:

Mistake I made. Sorry lol

This one is so cute too

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She’s 119!! :slight_smile:

It still shows $119 for me

Yes…Something strange with my computer…so sorry! I wish I could paint a toddler :slight_smile: Wont fit in the Nuwave.:rofl:

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Can you tell what size clothes she will fit?

Definitely 9-12 months, and some smaller 12-18. I popped her into some clothing today to check - Walmart’s 12-18 month is a good fit, Carter’s is 9-12 months, Baby gap 9-12 months seems a little tight on the arms but great everywhere else!


Thank you! I almost bought something Saturday but didn’t want to get the wrong size.