Am I the only one who feels this way

I bought the sculpt Rosebud and am reborning her for the preemie class. I have been touched by her in a way I never anticipated. I have mixed feelings about Rosebud. I love all the details but I prefer the bigger babies. When I am holding those tiny very detailed limbs in my hands I can not help but think about the babies I lost and all their details they had and I did not get to see and hold them. I feel some like it is a labor of love for those I miscarried which makes me smile but on the other hand it makes me sad to remember all I lost. I bought her to be have someone her size to fit clothes on. Now I am not so sure I will ever be able to her and not feel so much.

Dear Debora, I think there are times when words just aren’t enough - I wish I could just give you a hug right now to let you know that you are entitled to those feelings.

While I would never presume to say I know how you feel, I have witnessed such loss in my own family when my brother lost a grandson at 8 weeks, (he was an identical twin, his brother now 15), and my sister lost her 2 1/2 yr old baby – I think the hurt and loss will always be there. But each time I see their photos, I try to see the baby angels that they are, and know they are forever protected and blessed. Your babies are also among the chosen special ones who are forever protected and blessed.

Hugs to you - your feelings are real and matter greatly.

Hugs to you and warm thoughts and prayers sent your way.

You know holding these little ones IS BITTER sweet and can sometimes bring a flood of emotions and memory’s -we pour some of our self’s into every sculpt we reborn and I think that allowing yourself to just FEEL those feelings although hard for a moment is VERY healing !!! I know some of how you may be feeling I too lost babies and Sometimes …Well you know !!!
Hugs to you Dear Sister !

Thanks to you all. It is hard to think about them and usually I can deal with it and go on and no one knows. She just really speaks to my heart and I wondered if she speaks to others the same way. There is no way I could ever give her to anyone else. my son was a triplet and due to a severe car wreck I lost the other 2. ?Had I been wearing a seat belt none of us would be alive. After that I could conceive but not carry a baby past usually first trimester I carried 3 almost thru the second trimester. my son when he was born was 5.5 lbs. He had absorbed his identical twin and had teeth issues later, But the other baby was fraternal and had decomposed and a horrible infection had set up. I wound up with toxinema and almost died. That is the general gist of my story except I was hit in the back of the neck with a 4 ton hydrolic jack, as the car flipped end over end they said about 5 times. Those were my first babies I lost, The wreck happened on St Patrick’s day of 1981. I was 4.5 months pregnant. I thank God for my son, who is now a police officer and volunteer fire fighter and National Guard soldier. I wish I could the person who sculpted her know how much Rosebud touches my heart.

I am so sorry about all you have been through! I have not gotten to work on or order Rosebud, but am looking forward to it in the future!! My first 3 pregnancies all resulted in miscarriages each one happening for different reasons! My first was a tubal, second was called a molar, and third was a regular old unexplainable miscarriage. Thought I would never have the children I always dreamed of. God did finally reward me with 2 sons and a daughter who I love dearly!! God bless you!!!

Debora, I’m so sorry to hear your story. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to lose all those babies
I haven’t yet felt a true “connection” with a doll. Perhaps because I’m not a mother and don’t really know how it must feel. I still feel that these dolls are… well, dolls. I cannot relate them to living beings or close to life beings, regardless of how realistic they are. They are still “things” to me. Nice and detailed and sometimes gorgeous, but still things. The only emotional effect they do give me is that I’m suddenly starting to want a real baby of my own, or at least play with a real kid (but don’t tell anyone!)

Debora, it’s difficult to imagine how you bear up every day, knowing how you’ve had every mother’s nightmare about their children…I’m so very sorry; it is unfair. I’m so grateful for my 3; it bothers me immensely when I see bad parenting because of all the broken hearts who would love, cherish, and nurture that child. Your ability to put your feelings in print…well, it’s a strength. I have heartaches but I can’t do that. Little Rosebud is a special baby, so tiny and calling out to be held and cuddled. I don’t think you’re the only one who feels that way; so many of us have a sadness inside for what could have been…for our own, and others. It’s good to be reminded how fragile our lives are, and those we love. I believe every life has a purpose. Maybe your lost little ones have God’s purpose to remind everybody around us, through you, the meaning of love everlasting, no matter what. Hugs and a prayer. Rhonda

Love everlasting—that’s such a beautiful way to think about reborns no matter what purpose we have for creating them. It is those unexpected ways that come to us through their creation that call us to something more. As I have read through this, I started thinking about my own situation. I am fortunate in that I have not experienced this kind of loss, but have a sense of what you and others feel through our reborn babies. I am single and have always had a love for babies and children. My life took a different path and never afforded me the opportunity for children. I guess I live vicariously through them. I can see how little Rosebud can be such a source of comfort for many people.

Debora, Cindy Musgrove has Scarlet on ebay right now. You can contact her through her listing. It would be that chance to let her know how you feel about Rosebud.

Thank you so much ladies. I was sent a message and found her on face book and was able to send her a message. I hope I did not bring up any bad feelings for others here. I get up every day and take it one day at a time. I have to work all these hours and am forced to meet new people and interact so I do not have those issues. I just want to send my love to you all.

You are not alone on this, I also shed many healthy tears with my rosebud.

Debora, if I could hug you, I would. I am so sorry for your loss, but sooooo, so glad that you and your son survived! I, too, lost a baby ~ 3 months along, our very first. We did have 2 healthy sons afterward, and we are so grateful for them, but I have always wondered about that baby…was it our daughter? We won’t know until we meet in heaven one day. After the birth of our first son, we were told I would not be able to carry another pregnancy to term. Well, 5 1/2 years later, on St. Patrick’s Day 1987, our second son, Ryan Patrick, was born…with the cord knotted in two places and wrapped around his neck. He is our miracle, and I’ve told him that a thousand times. He rolls his eyes and laughs at me, but I know that HE knows how much we love and treasure him…as does our oldest son; I almost died giving birth to him, but won’t go on with this any more…just know that I understand what you mean about Rosebud. I am sure your sweet message will touch Cindy’s heart as it has mine.

Thank you for the support I am an EMT and work 48 to96 hour shifts. So reborning helps me a lot to relax until it comes to eyelashes and eyebrows.

Awwww! I want a rosebud now! How preemie is she supposed to be?