Am I the only one that does this?

I just finished changing all my reborn babies into their warm weather clothes. When it gets cold, they’ll be changed into warmer weather

The first one is my (April kit) changed into a t shirt and shorts, and the second is of my (Nino kit) in his winter clothes. (Something about him makes me want to dress him in sweater vests and bow ties, I don’t know why!!:rofl::grin::joy:). (@alicekay56 reborned both of them. Aren’t they beautiful???!!!)


They are so adorable.

I change my dolls with the season and some for holidays. That is all I do with them. But have an awake baby and a sleeping baby that I will hold when I am feeling a little down.


I don’t collect them so don’t change them but when I have finished a doll and it’s waiting to sell I put a blanket over them at night, just in case it gets chilly :joy::joy:


I finally got mine in clothes of my choice and they’re the wrong season!


I do dress them according to the seasons. My Alice (Aloenka kit) gets dressed for holidays as well.


I do try and dress mine appropriately for the weather (since I take mine out with me, I don’t want someone seeing my baby in the wrong clothes and thinking I’m a horrible Mom because they don’t think it’s a doll…I even dress my alternative babies weather appropriate too). lol

Since I mostly have mine at home (I now have too many to take all out at once), I dress them in a “going out” outfit and I put footie pajamas over that, so when it’s each one’s turn to go out, I just take the pajamas off and they are good to go. For me, pajamas keep them a little more protected at home (body and limbs are covered).


I’m the same, but I put a blanket over them so nothing messes them up somehow. I live with 4 males so you never know. :sweat_smile:
Also, I have stolen the dining room and turned it into my doll painting room. So the fact that it’s right off the kitchen (and also has a bathroom in there) I get overly concerned about smells permeating the dolls. Last thing I want is a baby showing up to a buyer that smells like hot wings that my husband cooked last week.

Ok, this went way off topic, lol!


I change there clothes occasionally. Mostly by seasons or holiday.

You dress them so cute

What an awesome idea! I keep mine wrapped in very light colored blankets at all times.

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