Am I missing something?

I don’t understand glossing the ears. Eyes, nose, mouth, yes. But ears?

Ears have a natural wax which leaves them a bit shiny.


Amy is right…Also you can use a satin varnish for the inside of the ears and up to the ear crease for a more natural sheen instead of being so shiny. Just don’t apply to the rim or lobe…


You don’t want the ears to look wet so you don’t want to use a shiny gloss, just, like star said, some satin maybe and just in the deeper sunken areas of the ears. This is entirely an optional step as some ears are oilier than others. You certainly should not overdo this effect. It’s like when people do too much to the nostrils and eyes and make the babies look like they have a cold. It’s an artistic decision and like most artistic devices, less is more. Go easy.


Personally I don’t like when babies are given what I consider too much “moisture” in the nostrils and surrounding area. Makes me want to wipe their noses. But then it always bothers me when I see real babies/children with runny noses…


Bebe, that is so true. I don’t like the wet nostrils either. I also don’t like wet around the eye area unless the baby is crying and I don’t paint criers because they make me sad and I like my babies to make me happy!