Am I finished?

This is my first reborn and I am wondering if I am finished. I was thinking about some more blushing, but don’t want to over do it. I am open to constructive criticism and advice. Thank you for your time!
Edited to say I still need to do eyebrows, eyelashes and seal her (I think)


I think she looks great!


@lollipop_cradle Thank you!

@Sony72 Thank you! I royally screwed up the lips, this is after much “fixing”. I am using baby fx, so maybe some flesh tone in that? Straight? I am not too happy with her mottling. But I finally chalked it up to learning and I would do better next time.

I think you did great. I can never get the lips right thanks for the highlight tip.


@babymaw thank you!

She is beautiful.

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@Sony72 thank you! I don’t have the highlights just the replacement set. But I think I can wing it. Thank you for your help! You babies look awesome! :purple_heart:

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@CarolinaCuties thank you :purple_heart:

@Sony72 thank you so much! You have already helped me so much in the last few months! I really appreciate it!

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@Sony72 I wondered how the old vinyl stacked up against the new.