I love this gothy clown girl. :star_struck:


Thank you @DollyPardon Yinz have made my day. :smile: @marleeton no nightmares that involve weird looking creatures my nightmares are realistic humans doing weird things, lol. I wish my dolls were on TV.

All of these dolls would love to be in my collection! They are all awesome!!!

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I have done 2 zombies and an Avatar without any alterations to the vinyl (I just glued on yarn hair for the Avatar to look like dreads)…just painted with Genesis.


Oh my goodness! I love this Frankenbaby! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Please let me pick your brain (yes the the pun is intended) later on this year when I do my conjoined “twins” because I purposely wanted two different kit heads because I was thinking some kind of mad scientist theme…either sewn together zombies or Frankenstein babies. This baby is absolutely amazing!

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Lol, Conjoined twins are in my mind too, but I have no idea when I may get to them. @Miss_Kitty made Medusa and a stone Twin that turned out awesome.

Number 14 here:


First is done from BB Elsie, second is from BB Tanner,3rd another B Elsie, and last is gosh called him Nicky so long don’t remember which BB it is. LOL Fun to make, hope you have fun however you reborn Marnie. :footprints: :baby:


Your alternative babies are so cute! The thing that stuck out the most to me is that baby in the background of your first photo…it makes me laugh every time I see it cause it looks like he/she is shocked over the zombie baby. It’s cute and hilarious at the same time. Maybe up close that baby doesn’t have that shocked expression, but in the photo from that distance, you caught a really good reaction without even realizing it. Love it! :heart_eyes:

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Ha didn’t notice it but sure looks like "what is that baby?"Thanks for the laugh. :relaxed:


I thought so too. He’s keeping his distance! Lol

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I don’t paint alternative too terribly much- I’m just not too hot at it- But here’s one of my collection pieces! This is Ziggy made by Madame’s Asylum!


Yay more awesome babies! @SteffanyLeah I’d love to see more of Madame’s Asylum. Do you have a link?

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Sure! She’s lovely to work with- I own a couple of her pieces! Very unique style- although I do warn you if gore/fake blood isn’t your thing, beware! :sweat_smile: I’m super fond of her Birthday Billy, Beetlejuice, and Chucky!


Thanks for the link! I enjoyed seeing her work. LOVE the Edward Scissorhands, too!

Thank you for the link, I love her so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: