Alternative ultra marine blue

hi guys! Is there an alternative color I can use to replace ultramarine blue? And magenta 06? I have Crimson, I am thinking I can add titanim white? Thank you!

I mean… If you ran out of ultramarine blue, what would u use as a substitute?

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I use pthalo blue 02,I rarely use ultramarine unless I really need to


That’s what I was thinking DC:-) weird that ultramarine is one of the only colors I don’t have. But… I suppose I’ll add it to the list;-) it’s for blue undertone wash on my Leah. I was wondering if I should substitute vein blue or phyllo blue. The thank tiy’

Just an FYI- phyllo blue didn’t work. I ended up with a weird grayish color. But vein blue was perfect. It was a pain in the butt though, trying to get the color right. I really need to order ultramarine. It’s funny, no matter how much stuff I get… There is ALWAYS. Something else I need! :flushed:


I always use pthalo blue and pthalo green mixed together,Never just pthalo blue on it’s own