Alternative body for Kenzie?

I just ordered a Kenzie this afternoon and the lady messaged me saying her mom wants one too. So back to order another (3 BB orders in 24 hours time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) Anyway is there an alternative to the bodies made for the crawling babies? they are currently out of stock.

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Came across this the other day… She uses a Grant body… and talks about what is different and such…


Congrats on all the orders!

Looks like the Grant body may be a good alternative IF I can alter it so it holds the head up. I am so excited about painting these babies but nervous about the bodies. :worried:

Where are you ordering your body?

I think I have figured it out. I think I can just add a strip of elastic to the back of the Grant kit to draw it up some. I’ve got some random bodies here I will try it on first and see. Thanks for sharing the video, Jenni @jlesser.

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The elastic in the back (in theory) would pull the head back so she is looking up more when crawling. The bodies made for her have elastic down the back.

:slight_smile: You can see in the picture where it needs altered


I wonder if you can scrunch it back a bit and stitch it to help it pull the head back?


Thanks for sharing my video, I used body #300, it appears to be out of stock, though. I plan to alter mine with strong stitching, I put Kenzie together without any weight in her head, her head is heavy. lollipop_cradle if you figure out what to do, please share. :slight_smile: I can’t find armature on BB’s site and at one time they did carry it. Armature is a wonderful idea, however, if you do use the Grant/Elliot/Easton Body, leaving it regular, you will have cloth body showing at the back of her neck, I would still add a tuck or tucks to pull it down.

Thanks y’all come over to my channel anytime.

Catherine :smiley:


Thanks for the video Catherine. It is really helpful. I’m rather nervous about trying to alter the body. I’ll let y’all know how it goes. I was disappointed that body #300 was out but I got the other one.


With the recommended body, her head is tilted up while in the sitting position. I am wondering about the armature though.

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Keep the ideas and thoughts coming ladies. We’re gonna figure this thing out. :wink:

Sorry I should have researched your name to see if you were on here so I could properly tag you with the video.

Thank you for posting it.


It’s okay, I do these to try help to all of us. :wink: (thank you for sharing) <3


You can form a “tuck”, it’s going to take some strong thread/stitching to hold it, though if you plan to pose the kit in the crawling position.