Alternate Arms for Pebbles

Looking for alternative arms for the DS pebbles kit. I want full arms for her. Any ideas?

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Following. I have her on layaway and I hate her arms. I want hands that look like a baby with Down syndrome with the bent in pinky. I notice Vince has more realistic looking hands and feet but his head is awkward.

Maybe one of the realborn’s arms? BB has Brooklyn and jade in stock on parts. They’d probably work.

Looking for a vinyl color that’d be similar too! Not sure what the ‘peach German vinyl’ looks like

Hmmm that might be harder to match. The Realborn kits are pretty pale though, so you may be able to bring the up to match the rest of the kit.

I am painting a pebbles kit right now, and the vinyl is just about as pale as the Realborn vinyl. I would show a picture, but I’m almost done painting her, so that wouldn’t wouldn’t work since she’s not blank anymore.

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Thank you so much for your response

Are her limbs chubby? I’ve been trying to find pictures

Here are her arms. She is somewhat chubby. I didn’t like her arms at first, but they fit her so well.


Here’s some more pictures of her limbs!

And one of her sweet little face😉