Alone at Rose Doll Show

This will be my first time going to the Rose Doll Show. I am from Ontario Canada. I started reborning in 2004 and then paused when I had my third baby. In 2012, I got back into reborning and have been busy making babies ever since. I don’t collect the dolls myself. Although I love all of the babies, my interest is more in making them than collecting them. I will be taking the advanced rooting class with Jacqueline Kramer and the hair painting class with Evon Nather. I am debating on whether or not I should go to the banquet because I will be making the trip by myself and don’t know anyone so I thought it might be awkward going alone? Maybe I’ll meet someone in one of those classes who is also alone? I haven’t booked my flights or hotel room yet, but I’m hoping to soon. Maybe there is someone who would want to share a cab ride from the airport to hotel if we arrive at the same time?

The Uber driver in Utah’s number is 801-979-8571 I don’t see where my other message went to you. This is an older man who is cheaper and safe. Call before you go he will be waiting for you. You can walk if you stay in the cheaper hotel a few door away. Everything you need is right there. You meet many new friends. Go to the baby shower. They have a bundle ticket and they have meals for shower and banquet. Hotel has breakfast free.

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I heard the baby shower is sold out. Also no combo tickets left.

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Hi! My friend, Alyce, and I are both going to Rose from London Ontario. We are flying out of Detroit on the Tuesday. I am signed up to do BOTH classes you are doing! So you will know one person- I am Dani. Alyce is doing the 2 day painting class. I have been making dolls all my life -cloth, porcelain and reborn. I make them to keep and give away some to those in need. I sell a few but prefer to keep it a hobby. I work full time and it is too much work to make to sell. When you get your flight figured out we can see if we can share a ride. We are staying at the hotel with the convention and we have signed up to go to Award night but not Baby Shower.

Well, looks like, once again, I won’t be going. It’s just too much money for just the show. Maybe next year if it’s still there.

I think someone will make name tags for the BB ladies so that you can recognize each other, well I hope so anyway!

I know there are still tickets to the award banquet.
The baby shower is before the show floor opens.
(thursday evening after classes)

Great thanks Dani, I’m Amanda. Is this your first time going or have you gone before? I have been checking out flights and was thinking I might have to end up taking a flight on Monday because flights from here (Thunder Bay) seem like they are going to take so long that I don’t want to arrive really late on Tuesday and have to be ready for a class first thing in the morning. Thought I might need a bit of time to get situated and maybe go to a store, since we are supposed to bring a lunch for classes. I was considering the baby shower as well, but had the same reservations about going alone as I have for the banquet and now the baby shower is sold out I only have the option of the banquet anyway. Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and get my ticket. This trip is going to be so expensive, I likely won’t have the opportunity to go again so maybe I should experience everything I can.

Thanks for the info, your other message came privately. Yes, unfortunately the baby shower is sold out. I was too hesitant and missed the boat.

Anyone one that has been before, is it better to pay a bit more and stay at the hotel right at the convention centre? Wondering if I stayed at the hotel right next door is there is too much of a disadvantage? And would I get to see enough of the show on Friday if I ended up flying out on Saturday or should I really plan on being there on the Saturday as well?

The one connected may be sold out… I know it was before unless someone has canceled their reservation…

Yes the one connected is sold out. I only went on Friday and half a day Sat last year it was good.

Does anyone think it will ever go to Las Vegas again?

When was it in Vegas?

I personally doubt it. Bountiful Baby owns it now and they are based in Utah. So it seems logical for it to stay where it is

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I hope it does. It simplifies everything if it’s always in the same place.

It’s unfortunate that you can’t go to the baby shower, it is really really fun!! I don’t know how much it costs for an Uber driver but the Express shuttle is $33 each way and you can reserve it online. I have used them for the last 2 years and no problems, always on time etc. I believe the Hilton Garden Inn is sold out for the show period but there are a couple of other hotels within walking distance. One is just across the street up on the corner, don’t know the name of it, maybe someone else does. You definitely need a name tag identifying yourself with the Bountiful Baby Forum so other members can recognize you. Have someone make them so they are all alike. Also we all meet in the “reception/lounge” area of the Davis Conference Center at around 5 - 6 o’clock (Thursday) so we get some “chat” time before we go into the baby shower. Don’t worry about being alone, there is lots of wonderful dolls ladies to hang out with, you won’t be alone for long. You’re going to love it. So much reborn baby stuff to spend you money on!! Hope to see you there!!

I reserved a room at the Hilton Garden Inn, check in 7/11, check out 7/14 but I won’t be going to the show this year. It’s a double room. I can transfer it to someone else’s name if anyone wants it.

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I’ve booked my flights! I arrive about 4:30 on the 10th. I have a room at Home 2 suites, which I think and am hoping is the one next door to the convention centre. I also bought a banquet ticket.

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Yesterday they opened a few more tickets to the Baby shower. If you were wanting in on that. Not sure any are left today but hopefully.