Alma's shrunken head

I don’t know if everyone saw the discussion in the WIP thread I was having about the Alma asleep kit I had purchased, the head was very small, smaller than it’s supposed to be, it is not proportionate to the limbs. The head can still be used as a cuddle baby, probably on a 16-18" cuddle body, or you can swap limbs for small ones… But the head is too small to work with the regular Alma limbs. I had contacted BB to find out if I could get a replacement head, if maybe just the head I got was shrunken, and just got this response, so thought everyone would want to know, in case you were going to order an Alma asleep.

Hi Emily

We are very sorry. We have been in touch with the Warehouse and found that all the in-stock Alma kits are made that way.

If you would like to return the kit, please let us know, and we can send you a pre-paid return label for it.

Thank you,

Bountiful Baby


I hope they’re not going to continue selling the kits, then. They should be removed from inventory.


I did just see that they posted them all as seconds and listed a defect as the head circumference being only 1/2" smaller, however my circumference was almost 2" smaller than it’s supposed to be, I feel like people are going to think a half inch isn’t much and then get the kit and realize it’s much smaller. Crazy price too, $60!


Wow- it seemed so obvious that I wonder how that got by quality control in the first place. I also wonder how it happened at the factory if they were using the same mold.


Unbelievable! 1/2" and 2" is a HUGE difference! :scream:


That, for me is scamming. How can they, knowingly, sell a kit 60$ usd, that is unusable :flushed: and lie about the size difference !

I understand needing money and don’t want to lose any, but at this point, they should stop selling kits until they find a better factory.


I agree, I thought they would sell the heads separately, maybe as test heads and the limbs separately, to sell them as a single kit implies they are useable together.


I think unless your holding it with the limbs you wouldn’t notice the difference, the head looks exactly the same as it should, just way smaller. The other Jenny and I were talking about how it could happen and were wondering if they made a copy mold, the same, just slightly smaller like they do with a lot of kits they steal and accidently sent those heads to BB. Besides that I have no idea how one could possibly shrink a head but keep all the proportions so perfect.


I guess I just assumed that the heads and limbs were packed together so it could be seen easily. But I guess in your pictures, I was looking for it. At any rate I feel sorry for Bountiful Baby dealing with kits that they need to discount though they probably paid the usual for them. And I feel sorry for us in ending up with something we did not expect and also having to (sometimes) sell for less than we expected. That said, my June from Bountiful Baby is perfect and some other expensive preorder sculpted kits I bought are not. Its a toss up these days.


I wonder if they messed up typing and mean 1-2 inch smaller instead of 1/2.