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I’ve been setting my nuwave at 265 for 11 minutes. 3 minutes for it to warm up. I wasn’t using a thermometer in it. The other day I brought one for the heck of it. Well, at 265 for 11 minutes, it never reached 265. I increased the temperature. To get about a 265 temperature, I had to set temperature at 275 for 14 to 15 minutes. What do you set your nuwave on to get the accurate temperature? I was shocked I wasn’t getting the right temperature!!

I’ve watched this before. That’s where I got the 11 minutes from. It is always said to set at 265 for 8 minutes. Kim set her temp at 250. So I’m a bit confused. I may continue to set at 265 n add a few extra minutes. The nuwave pro plus is a lil different, which is what I use. She is using the regular nuwave.

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She set it at 60% power n temp at 250. On the pro plus, you just set temp. It’s no power level to change that I’ve seen.

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I have the pro plus. Clear dome with extender ring.

I punch in 265 degrees for 8 minutes. That’s what the thermometer says inside. I do not preheat it at all.


I have the amber dome with metal extender ring. I wonder why mine doesn’t register at 265? I just got it in February of this year. I’m gonna have to investigate further.

I use Power Level 7 and bake for 8 minutes. I do have a thermometer inside and even at this it gets a little hotter sometimes. I have noticed the size of the kit can effect the temp. If I am only cooking a head it will get hotter, so I always watch my oven.

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Ok, I had to pull out my nuwave manual. You cannot change the power level on it as I thought. So I’ll just continue to set temp at 265 for 11 minutes. I may try another thermometer. I got this one for 4.00 at Walmart.

That’s what I have. So it seems others have just the pro.

Mine I do Power Level 8 for Time 8

Some NuWaves have a digital control where you just set the power level and some have the type of control where you actually have to set the temp. Weird huh?


Yes, I see.

Do not forget that the thermometer will take few minutes to show the real temperature. The same when you turn the oven off, and lift the lid, which means the temperature would plunge immediately, it will take a while for the thermometer to start going down.

I use halogen oven. I set it at 265F and it takes only few minutes to reach the temperature and turns itself off, while the thermometer shows nothing anywhere near 265, and continues slowly to go up although the oven is not heating. The oven turns itself on again and off again and I just watch making sure it does not go over the 265F