All the Jupiter creators

And I know there are a lot of you. What size clothes does she wear? I’m about to finish her. I’m seeing 0 to 3 and then I’m seeing 6 months.

3-6 months consistently. I’ve painted 5 or 6. I don’t even remember. And I have 2 on the paint table right now. I’ve made girls and boys and even one with Sandie’s legs. All wore size 3-6 months.


Thank you, that is very helpful. I saw all of your beautiful Jupiter’s on another thread.

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I’d say carters 3m would fit best, or another brand of you could find a similar size. I got some clothes from Walmart and 0-3 was too small and 3-6 was a little loose for my taste.

I really think it depends on the brand.

Green knit is a UK size 0-1

Strawberry dress and khaki outfit were 0-3

Bug and swan were 3-6


Carter’s clothing runs more generous. We found that true with my grand baby when she would outgrow a size in every other brand and still be wearing it in Carter’s. I dressed my Jupiter in 3-6 mos.