All set :)

Someone ordered a custom from me in the beginning of January
Wanted a doll for her daughter to be delivered by Jan 24th
But to a different address
She said the girls dad bought the doll

I said ok sure
Now last week I send her a message saying her baby is about ready to ship.
And it comes up as a Mailer Daemon cannot deliver the message.
Over and over again.
Tried to send messages to her from my husbands email address and still the Mailer-Daemon message

Then she sent me a message saying “is the doll ready to ship… will she arrive on time?”
And I try to reply and the emails won’t go through.
Yesterday again the identical message

When the messages keep getting not sent through it is making me scared to ship to a different address.
I emailed the address on PayPal but no response.
This is stressful, what would you do?


Okay glad I wasn’t the only one to think to go into creeper mode. Facebook may be an option too if you have the full name and area they’re from.


Thank you!! So very much! I hadn’t thought of that I found the phone number and gave them a call, everything is all set now!
Thank you


YAY!!! So glad it worked out, Katie!

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Keep us updated. I’m so scared because of all the scammers out there. There can be people that are ligit that we could pass over as scamers.

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Are you saying you are shipping to an address that is different than what’s on the Paypal transaction page?

Don’t ever ship to a different address that isn’t linked and verified to their Paypal account. @katieperry

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Paypal Seller Protection dictates that it must me sent to the address on the transaction page at the time of the purchase. If the buyer has several addresses on file, then it needs to be changed/selected prior to making the purchase. I hope you have protected yourself. If you haven’t shipped the doll and the shipping address is not the one on the transaction page, refund and have the seller put the dad’s address on her account to use for the transaction.



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I was going to but I did not after all.
I thought it would be fine but glad I did not end up going through with that, when I called I said I had to ship to the PayPal address and it is fine now thankfully :slight_smile:


Thank you all :heart: