ALL DVD's $5 Each - Give As Christmas Presents!

We are having a FLASH sale on our DVD’s. They have ALL been marked $5! Stock up and give 'em out as Christmas presents!

They are:

  1. Part 1 Painting- Skin Tones & Veins, with Jacqueline Kramer
  2. Part 2 Painting- Creases, Blushing, & Fine Details, with Jacqueline Kramer
  3. Part 3 Advanced Rooting Techniques, with Jacqueline Kramer
  4. Making Reborn Baby Dolls with Denise Pratt

Bountiful Baby


Awesome! I would highly recommend the advanced rooting dvd!

If had extra I would love to order but I got the whole week off so low right now I got to think gas in car bills etc or good sale. But I just got the bodies I ordered I was happy they arrived a day early.