ALL BB "Seconds" Kits HALF PRICE - Limited Quantities on Many Of Them!

All of our “Seconds” kits are HALF PRICE right now! This is in addition to their already discounted prices as “Seconds”, which means these kits are a VERY good value.

Right now there are a total of 50 of these kits that are available— you can see them on our home page:

When a “Seconds” kit sells out it automatically is removed from the website, so the list will change— especially considering that for many of these “Seconds” kits we only have one or two of them available. So act now!

Thanks so much!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby

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We all love a good sale, but when vinyl has the potential for yellowing issues due to embedded black flecks, troubles taking paint consistently, problematic flanges or heads so hard you don’t have the option to root them, a lot of people don’t feel comfortable making the purchase. Many of us can’t afford to take the losses and don’t want to deal with the frustration.

I feel very bad about this entire situation, as I love this company. I would love to support them as I have in the past, but I can’t bring myself to buy any vinyl kits listed as seconds until things are back to normal.


Im terrified of buying anything from the new factory or any newer vinyl from dolls produced 2020 and newer. My Marnie is not a seconds kit. I washed her when I got her and put her in her bag. Her vinyl is now yellow. Newer Jade kit soaks up paint older Jade kit painted beautifully first kit I had issues with was Ever who would not take paint. As cute as all the kits are and as addicted to buying kits as I am I need to stop throwing my money away on things that cause nothing but frustration. I recently started painting Sam legler and the vinyl paints beautifully
No more newer BB kits for me until the vinyl issues are fixed. I recently bought Evelyn and Logan so we will see how those paint since they are older kits but with probably new vinyl recipe but are from JD factory


Hi everyone

I appreciate anyone who lets us know of any issues with vinyl.

Ever since Covid, it has been pretty hectic with our suppliers, with increased quality issues, shortages, and delays. We have been managing these issues as they become known to us the best we can. We have sorted out the factory paint issue and offer them as seconds with the paint issue added to the description. We will certainly refund or replace any issues that have made it out on kits that were sold as first quality. Please contact Customer Service.

Looking forward to things getting back to normal.


Customer Service