AliExpress stolen photo

I just saw my picture of my Daren twin elf babies was used on AliExpress. They must be really digging deep to find pictures because I am not even a real reborn artist with a nursery or anything, just a little ol wanna be who paints for a hobby. That is definitely my babies and my picture though.


:rage: Awful…

That’s awful :rage:

It’s been a while since I look there, I have gave up, it’s nothing we can do no more.

Now they sell kits with COA. Why even bother anymore? There’s no end to this, how can people know if a kit is legit or not, when we tell them originals come with a COA ? I know some of them even have the signature on the neck.

It sucks to see our pictures stolen, it must suck even more to get our sculpt stolen.