Albino monkey

I just listed my albino monkey on ebay please wish him luck. … 1068505872

Didn’t work for me, either. I just see a lot of script.

Can’t find it. Won’t come up.

No that is not mine. I am sorry ladies I will see if I can get this fixed

try this: … 1554.l2649

Well drats here is is item number:
Reborn Albino Monkey (201068505872)

Got it! I’m a watcher now. Seems like the issue has resolved (grrr, ebay). I love monkeys, and yours is right up my alley!

He is cute. So funny to come across this today. I was just staring at my Shih-poo, white and black, and laughingly wondering if I could use his fur for a reborn…I’m losing it. Must be that winter cabin fever, fortunately spring is around the corner!

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I didn’t have a problem with it coming up with the first link. Hope he does well and sells soon for you. Sorry, still scared of albinos…must be something from something I read as a child…too scary! Not fond of clowns either!

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I see where he sold on a BIN! Congratulations.

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Great job, Debora. Glad he sold and I hope the transaction went well.

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