Air dry varnish on ghsp

Hi I was wondering if I could use golden polymer air dry varnish on my doll that that is painted and sealed with GHSP. There is a small spot that did not cure and I don’t want to have to take her apart to bake

I use it on my babies. I use the cornstarch formula by @anjsmiles. It leaves them feeling wonderfully soft and very matte.

What is the formula please? :slight_smile:

Over the GHSP? Can I ask for the formula?

I use the Golden PMV with this formula. I apply the varnish to a dry sponge and pounce until dry. It does not take long.


TY! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

By using corn starch with the varnish, does the corn starch ever go bad and make the baby stink? I was just curious.