Air dry reborners,what do you use to seal your paint?

I’m currently an air dry reborner and would like some tips on how to seal my dolls and what to do it with. I.e sponge ect.

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I use a makeup wedge, Soft Touch Varnish with Cornstarch and Food Grade DE. Mix the powders with DW before you add STV. I mix a little of the color of the baby’'s skin tone in with it along with a little Distilled Water and pounce. I do not use a formula to mix I just go for it. :upside_down_face:


I use Waterborne Air Dry Paints and the Ultra Matte Sealer from their line. It seems to seal very well. I’ve never had any issues/complaints of the paint wearing off or the sealer cracking. I do several layers with 24hr+ dry time between each. A little girl (5yrs) has one of my first made Reborns and that baby has Seen. Some. Things. :grimacing: I actually saw her the other day and was pleased to see she was holding up well even after all her…adventures. :wink:

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I use Food Grade DE with my varnish as well and I like the results, but be very careful with how much you add. If it’s not mixed well or you add to much, you can have a mess on your hands. :wink:

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I mix DuraClear Ultra Matte, Soft Touch Varnish, water, and a teaspoon of cornstarch. Mix the cornstarch into the water completely before adding to the varnish, or you will have white spots under the varnish that you cant remove.

I use liquitex ultra Matt varnish I water it down and do 3 layers, I add cornstarch if the kit is really shiny