Air dry paints recommendation

I think I am going to have to change to air dry paints. I have had a headache and a cough for three weeks. I don’t know if it is related to baking the vinyl or not. I know nothing about air dry paints. I was hoping some of you who use them could tell me what brands are good and where you can purchase them.

I don’t want to change as I have too much invested but the area I have been baking in is not ventilated. There is a scary article in the new Reborn World magazine about the fumes from heating the vinyl. Thanks for any suggestions.

I had to stop using the GHSP because the fumes from the baking was giving me migraines and I started having breathing problems so I understand what you are going through. I switched to air dry paints about 6 yrs ago and have used several different brands. I love working with the Real Effect paint, but they are expensive and I can’t get them in the US. I am currently looking for another paint that is the same or better and have been working with the Miracle Blend paints which I really like, but haven’t worked with enough to know if this is the paint I will stick with. I haven’t worked with the FX paints, but I hear they are very good and I have them on my list to try. They have blogs, youtube and facebook on different air dry paints and I would suggest you review them to see which ones would suit you the best.

@kristi, may be able to help with a recommendation for air dry paints.

Let me know if I can help :blush:

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I am hearing awesome things about the FX air dry paints.

I started reborning with air dry paints and continue to use them. I started with Bloomers and Bows but the owner passed away and her site has been taken down.
Then I used Luminaire but I had a problem with the paint coming off and could not get the company to respond to a single one of my multiple emails I wouldn’t t recommend these. I threw mine away.

I changed to LDC from Doll Dreams. I really like those and are what I’m using now but I don’t see them on her website anymore. I have seen posts here about Liquitex acrylics and they seemed to give a good result. Grumbacher and Reeves paints are both very good quality but they come in tubes and you really have to mix your colors from scratch.
Liquitex is another that people use and seem to like. I think any professional artist quality acrylics should work. I mix a little bit of matte sealer in the paints as I dilute them with water. It helps prevent shine. I don’t put a final sealer on my babies as I have yet to find an air dry one that doesn’t leave a rough or shiny finish. Hope this helps.

@jeanhai I had the same experience with the Luminaire paints coming off and also ended up trashing them. I have used the Liquitex soft body paints on several of my reborns and they work great. Liquitex is my favorite off the shelf artist paints. I also had a problem with finding a air dry sealer that I liked, but recently I tried the Miracle Blend sealer and mixed half with water and it did not leave a shine or roughness. I had also used the powders and it sealed it just fine. I tested it a few times and it is not rubbing off. I have another to seal in another few days and I hope my luck holds up with this sealer.

You ladies might like using the FolkArt Outdoor Matte Sealer.

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Thank you all so much for your replies. After reading them, I was on MacPearson’s site and they carry the Miracle Blend. The trial sizes are 3 ml and 6 ml. How far would this go? Do you mix anything with them like you do with Genesis? How long do you have to wait between layers? Thanks for taking the time to answer.

I have drying racks and paint two kits at a time- so plenty of time to dry for 10 parts or more with plates. I mix with distilled water.

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