Air dry matte?

I am needing to reduce some shine on a reborn I bought. He arrived to me with just a bit of shine to him. My question is if I do apply some matte won’t that just add to the texture? He already feels extremely rough and I do not want to add onto the roughness. I like a matte feel to the vinyl but I just about know the way he feels if I added additional it would make him feel like sandpaper just about.


If he were mine I would mix some deco art soft touch varnish with a little bit of cornstarch really well then apply that to a cosmetic wedge with the edge plucked uneven (so there are no straight lines), then pounce it on and let dry.

It should not make it rougher.


Ok i can definitely do this! Thanks. :slight_smile:

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He is so cute! I love that kit.

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He really is a cutie! Zero hair shed with him. Whoever made him really put the glue to that head. I added a bit more weight to his noggin and noticed he has a magnet on the top of his head I am guessing was for a magnetic hairbow. I am still trying to figure out whose limbs the artist used because they sure aren’t the ones that was sculpted with the head.

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