After a failed sale, FINALLY baby has a new mommy!

Thank you, ladies! @snuggle2me, that’s irritating! seems to get less of that kind of behavior. Still rooting for your Corbin, @colee1970!


Woohoo! congrats on the sale…patience DOES pay…

CONGRATS on your sale!!

@westernstarr, @cherielynn09

Thank you and, yes, Starr, she was certainly a lesson in patience!

I rounded up all of Abby’s things and got it all packed. She’s already on her way to Texas! I hope her new mommy enjoys her box-opening.


I’m glad she’s sold! What a lucky granddaughter! I love the way you wrapped everything…such a cute blanket! I bet the little girl will be thrilled~

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Thank you, Becca! The blanket is pale pink on the inside. I thought the little girl would really like the colors in the blanket.