Advise on kits

Ok ladies this might be a dumb question but what color would you say the majority of the vinyl from BB is? Sometimes I don’t feel I am looking at it correctly. I know it can vary from kit to kit. I am getting ready to work on my Presley but don’t want to mess up on the neutralizing wash. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi Deb, I am pretty new to reborning but I have bought a few kits from BB and it seems like their older kits were all over the place as far as color goes, but the newer ones seem to be pretty light, at least that’s how they have presented to me, but I have only done a few. I have some waiting that are older and now I am not so crazy about them (colorwise). I wound up with a couple that were that awful gray and I just can’t make it right. I will learn I guess.

I haven’t started working on any of my Realborns yet but I’m going to just start painting. I think they are such a nice light, color that they don’t need that neutralizing step. But that’s me. Depending on the tone you want in the end you could actually start with a nice warm up wash because ‘out of the box’ it’s very very pale. :slight_smile:

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I am not sure who at BB decides what colour they call their kits; they are usually well off mark. The current kits seem all to be very pale; anybody who thinks that is what peach looks like obviously did not see one :smile: But they always called their kits either pink or peach or bi racial. The pink used to range from palest pink to one that looked like a boiled lobster, while the peach I had went from horrible muddy grey to the present almost white. If they stick to this neutral pale quite soft vinyl I am happy.

All of the most recent kits I’ve gotten have been very light in color. I like that much better than the older kits I had.

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