Advice..legs on wrong side?

I need some advice so I know I’m not crazy…i just got blaze today and put him together to see his size…i may be crazy but aren’t his legs on the wrong side? I’ve never seen the hole for the zip tie on the front part of the leg…it has the white joint so if I could get them off I can just switch them but don’t want to break them…anyone ever see this or am I just crazy?

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opening for the strings/ties go in the back.

I would see about returning it? looks like a fail. lol

Just the legs backwards? Maybe you could get the zip tie head in the casing and turned to a less noticeable spot?

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Yes just the legs…the arms are fine

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Leg cups put on backward, looks like.

I sometimes move the head of the zip tie over so it can’t be felt when you hold the baby. The ones on your body will be on the top of the leg so they won’t be felt. I think that’s a good thing.

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Contact where ever you bought it. It looks like they accidentally switched the leg caps.

Yep - they are flipped!

Can’t you spin them around and make the seam in the back?

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You’re so smart. That would totally work. Such a simple solution. Why didn’t any of the rest of us see that?


Bwuahahaha! All of us over thinkers :wink:

untie the legs then rotate the opening to be in the back… then re attach legs?

or not… lol.

I just looked at mine and it isnt that easy… :wink:

what about cutting a slit at the back?

Rotating them isn’t going to move the opening to the back. Why not just leave them and hide the head of the tie in the casing. I’ve had dolls that have the openings in the right place and the head of the zip tie is the first thing you feel when you hold the baby. Having it on top might be a good thing!

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Well it sounded right but when I got home and tried it, it really doesn’t. Take one brain point away from me. Lol

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