Advice for first custom!

Hey ladies! I know most of you are artists on here.

I’m currently in the process of getting my first reborn. She will be a custom.

I’m wondering what I should expect from the artist, and what do buyers do that drive you crazy in regards to customs?

I want to be a good buyer!

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Congrats on getting your first baby! One thing that drives me crazy as an artist is when customers want new pictures daily or every other day. I know it is exciting to be waiting for a new baby, but many artists have lives outside of reborning so we cannot work on the dolls everyday. Your artist should update you with pictures often, but don’t worry if you don’t get new pictures daily. I had a customer that wanted pictures everyday and got mad when I didn’t work on her doll daily. If we don’t work on the doll daily, it doesn’t mean we won’t get them done on time, it just means we are busy. If you do run into an issue with the artist refusing to ever send pictures or not getting the baby done on time, that’s different. Other than that, just enjoy getting ready for your first reborn! Have fun shopping and picking out cute clothes :grinning: And be sure you share pictures of your new little one when he/she arrives!


I think my artist will be fantastic about pictures, because as soon as my kit arrived I fitness a bunch of pictures in different lightings. I’m so excited! Although, I am a bit antsy to know if she started or not. So excited!

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Congratulations and Welcome!

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Congrats on getting your first reborn. I would have to agree with the photo thing. As an artist, it’s not always easy to update the customer daily with photos and such. Please be patient with your artist. This is one of the reasons that I have stopped doing customs unfortunately. It is a very exciting time and I completely understand wanting updates but try to keep in mind that most artists do not do this full time. I think having open communication with your artist and setting up days on when you might receive updates ahead of time will help the process go smoothly. :blush:


I think I’ll just let her send me pictures when she chooses. I’m not too worried, although I am super excited. She seems just as excited as I am, so I’m sure she’ll send pictures along the way.

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Although, if you can’t tell, I may be a little too excited. :see_no_evil:


Looks like you are nicely stocked!

I’ve wanted a reborn for 8 years now! Guess the excitement is just getting the best of me.

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Where did you get those adorable clothes? You are in the right place to share your excitement. We are excited with you! Post away!

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The teal, dark blue, and floral are a cloud island set from target for $12, but they seem to run large so I’m going to exchange them. They look huge. Teal stripes with the heart is carters from target. The three floral ones are carters, but scored them at once upon a child for $1 each.

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Also, the kit I got is Sarah by Antonio Sanchis. She’s gonn have a thick head of hair. I’m so excited! :heart_eyes:

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Oh what a sweet kit! Which artist (if you don’t mind sharing) is making her? I love what you have picked out for her :purple_heart:

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I looked her up. Cute Baby! Great find on those outfits!

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Is there anything else that I should get?

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Can’t think of anything, don’t worry you will be spending more than you want as time goes on, lol!

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I just found a car seat on Facebook for $10. So definitely :joy:

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I try to avoid customs as much as possible; they are normally just way too stressful for me.

BUT…I am working on a Landon for a lady and she is a DREAM! :blue_heart: Told me to do my “Karen” thing and she doesn’t want to see any pics till he’s all done. How awesome is that??! I swear, I :heart: this woman! :smile:

A funny side story: I had a lady email me with a picture of a reborn that she just HAD to have and wondered if maybe I’d do it for her at a cheaper price that what the artist charges.

Ummm…I was the artist :smile: My watermark was on the picture, but she didn’t realize it was me that she was talking to :smile: My answer to her was nope…can’t duplicate another artists’ work; not even my own. :smile:


It does sound like a dream to tell you to just do your thing!

That sounds terrifying for me since it’s my first baby.

I do like my artists style and work, so I do think she’ll do fantastic. I’m not going to get an idea in my head too much, because obviously there’s no way my idea will be exact. I’m prettt sure I’ll be happy no matter what.

I gave her an idea of coloring I like, and what I think for hair.

Does this seem like too much hair for a 21” kit?

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Also that is hilarious that she sent you that!

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