Advice about skin tone

Hi. I am a newbie and recently purchased the completed doll, “Sunny”. I love him and am hoping it is possible to give him more skin tone after he has been “finished” and sold? Thanks.

If I am understanding your question you have already sold this baby? If so, why would you need to add more paint to him? Is the new mommy asking for something? What type of paint are you using? If you are using Genesis you can add more paint and bake again, If you add more paint I would re-varnish also.

Sorry to cause confusion. I bought him about a week ago but dont want to hurt the seller/artist’s feelings by asking my question directly to her. I love my doll. I am wondering if it is possible to make his skin tone look more like real flesh after its been “finished”? Can more paint layers be added? If yes, Do artists even do that? …like Reborn baby doctors? Haha

You bought this baby and want to add more painting to it?

I think what you’re trying to say is that the baby has already been varnished and you want to know if you can add paint ontop

Yes, or some way to make the change

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Hi. Can you advise me if it is possible and if you know that there are artists out there willing to do such a thing? (For hire) Thanks.

Yes ,I think it can be done but why not ask the artist to make the changes for you?The artist already knows what type of paints and finishes have been used on it.

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If it is heat set paint

  • to add paint the baby has to be taken apart and empty out all the stuffing and weight beads. If there are lashes and eyes they can melt when rebaking for more paint setting… might need removed first, possibly the magnet also

Rooted? if so care will be needed when heating to make sure it is damp enough not to melt/burn

  • When Baked the lip and nail gloss has the potential to turn color or get sticky (though I have baked with gloss on without a problem.)

I would contact the artist also unless in a different country where shipping would add up…


It probably could be adjusted with air dry paint.

Thanks MaryJane. It’s good to know that changes can still be made. :smiley:
I’m not feeling comfortable about contacting the artist of the doll. I read that she has been reborning dolls for 19 years so I am going to assume what I purchased is already her version of artistic perfection. The sale photos are accurate. I don’t want to risk her feeling frustrated or bad in any way.
As a noob Reborn admirer and collector, I couldn’t see how softly Sunny was painted until I could see him next to two other new reborns. He is delightful with his infectious grin… just looks a bit anemic in the baby display. Haha

I would love to see a picture of your baby.

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Thanks for replying. Hmm… so it’s risky? Could the doll ever be ruined beyond repair? Or is it a matter of one thing trying to be changed could lead to several things needing to be changed?

Thank you. Do you know where I can learn more about this possibility?


I love the skin tone.I think he is very nice.

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I would not mess around with it. It can definitely be spoiled. Actually, if you never did any reborning, you would more likely than not, end up with something you are even less happy.

Maybe he is so pale because this particular vinyl does not take paint well.

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I think his skin tone looks natural for a fair skinned baby. He just looks like a baby a few weeks old instead of a more red newborn. Real babies have many variations in their skin tones. I think he’s adorable the way he is.

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Wow, all of you have been so helpful! Thank you :blush: I have lots of new insight and thoughts to ponder. That is good to have pointed out to me that all babies have different looking skin and a lot about it depends on age. Ivory pale doesn’t mean unrealistic. Good talk. Thanks ladies :blush: I luv my Sunny. (Insert a sun tan joke) :sunglasses: