Adrie Stoete Baby - body question

Hi there! I have a little Carmen from Adrie Stoete and he has the 3/4 arms and legs. I am relatively ok with his body but at times I would love to just pop him in a cute onesie or a diaper and not have to worry about the fabric at the top of his legs.

So I was wondering if there was a body that had full legs and 3/4 arms that would look good on him? I worry about his little legs being too short if I change.

He is mostly in a sitting position because I have a shelf for my reborns. So I would want it to look ok with him sitting upright.

Also I would really like it if the chest was natural looking. The body he has now has a poofy chest. (I know - I am picky. :wink: )

If there is nothing that would look good on him it is ok too. I am not terribly upset with his body. Just a few things I would like to do different.

Edited to add - he is the newborn 18 inch size from the mix and match kits.


Maybe try bb’s body 7540? It says for a 20 inch baby but since his legs are 3/4 he will be shorter even in that body. I use it on almost all of my 3/4 length babies.

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Thank you very much! I’m going to have to try that next order I place! :grinning: