Adele smells

I got my adorable Adele kit and can’t wait to start working on her. The only problem with her is that her vinyl smells really strong, even after washing in Dawn and hot water. I don’t know what to do about it. Because of how she’s made I can’t even get to the inside of her limbs and half torso. I really love this kit, but she stinks. Any suggestions as to what might get the odor out?


The last time I had a kit smell this bad, I scrubbed with dawn multiple times and it still smelled bad. Soaked overnight in dawn water, put him in my studio to dry and he made the whole room stink like chemicals. Ultimately what seemed to help was airing him out. Next time I am going to stick it out in my gazebo or something and let the fresh air do what it does. :blush:

My doll once had a smoke smell because I took her to my grandmas for the day. I got the smell out by putting dryer sheets in her bassinet with her. I dont know if it would work in this case but it’s worth a shot🙂

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I’ve had that happen with Abigail Tuzio. Leave her outside on a towel for a few days and the odor will dissipate, then re wash her.

I had one like that. After washing I put it outside overnight.

mine don’t, but at 179.00, I would return it and not spend time TRYING, it might not work… JMO


Just had to look her up. She is so pretty! I can see why you love her. I hope you can work it all out.

I think some have tried rubbing them down with scented baby shampoo after after an alcohol rub, and then rinse good with warm water.

Mine smelled strong at first but leaving her parts out and laying around, it went away. I would also say if it’s not gone after all you’ve done, it might be best to get a replacement kit. These kits were expensive.

Your title keeps making me chuckle.

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I sprayed her torso with Febreze. I’ll see how it is when it dries. I waited so long to get her, I really don’t want to send her back.

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Try the vinegar suggestion. I sit a bowl of it next to the stove when cooking strong food like bacon, it cuts the smell. So, if it works for bacon it might be worth a shot.

I’ll try it if the Febreze doesn’t work.

Try baking soda, put the parts in a plastic container with airtight lid with a box of baking soda for a couple days. I’ve heard it works, but never had to do it

me too LOL

I see someone else has one that smells, what does it smell like, please? I double checked mine, and can’t smell anything

Mine has a very strong chemical smell that permeated the entire room. I sprayed the parts inside and out with Febreze. That decreased the intensity of the odor but didn’t eliminate it. So, I soaked the parts in hot water, Oxy Clean and vinegar. That took care of most of it. I’m hoping by the time she’s done, she won’t smell at all.