Adding Depth to Limbs

What are your favorite tips for adding depth to limbs, specifically from shoulder to wrist / hip to ankle? I feel like my babies arms and legs are just spans of flat-looking vinyl lately. I add so many different colors to hands and feet and faces, but I’m curious how everyone adds more color to arms and legs. I love high-color babies.



Me too

I just blush where I want depth. Hard to explain. In the place where light don’t go.

I do lots of mottles in different colors, red, purple, green, etc and washes of color, red, yellow, blue, burnt umber.


I struggle with this too. I mottle in many colors. Blush knees, back of calf, on either side of the wrist creases and either side of the ankle creases. I blue shade the area around each toe and finger on the top where it meets the foot/hand. I also blue shade around the knee and around the ankle bone. Finally I carry the blue a bit down from the wrist and up from the ankle.


I think a lot of people miss the subtle dips in a sculpt, if you close your eyes and feel around you will find them, I like to lightly shade those areas, not too dark it will look like a bruise.


What I like to do is look at the limbs, say a leg, and I do light blue undertones where the limbs have “dents” and I lightly blush where the limbs come out more like the shin, it’s so hard to explain but I am having a tutorial come out soon to explain it better with pictures!