Addicted to Mac's Layaway 🙃

Whelp, I paid off my layaway for Romy and Spark and my eye started wandering. I guess I needed a pick-me-up because Happy Stoete somehow found his way into my cart. Before I knew it, I had preordered him. Oh well, stimulus check will be stimulating @MacPhersonCrafts.


Haha!!! Congrats!!! :balloon:

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I’m addicted to Mac’s Layaway too. Can someone please start a support group? :grimacing:


I’m going to join. I’ve been meaning to get Romy or Sam… got to check my poll. I think I like Sam better but Romy has an open hand


LOL…we are also trying to give you lots of free things when visiting us as well…did you see the free download section to print off paper dolls and games etc? It is at the top left on the store page. Now we have an Easter Egg hunt on the go…have FUN!!!


@MacPhersonCrafts where does it mention things like Easter Egg hunts and wheel spins? I used to see announcements like that on the homepage. But my phone doesn’t ever show those anymore. Now I just find out about things if I happen to see if on Facebook or if someone happens to post on here.

we put it on our newsletters, FaceBook & Instagram now.
there is not enough room on our home page to advertise everything we are doing :wink:

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@MacPhersonCrafts Brenda I’ve found several eggs. But I can’t figure out how to enter. It wants me to set up an all new user name and password instead of using my existing account.

I have never preordered anything can some one explain how it works. I am confused because it has 2 options either pay in full which is less then what the kit cost, or a deposit which is 0 ,it is also listed as 30 ,what one do I choose? Thanks

I too share a love of Mac’s layaway… my husband, “how many babies do you need?” LOL. All of them, my love, all of them :sweat_smile::joy::rofl: Seriously though, I’ve been eyeing Spark too… so cute. I promised myself I would wait until Jack and Sam arrived before putting anymore on layaway :thinking: unless I see another baby I can’t live without :woman_shrugging::crazy_face::sweat_smile:

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it is a special site that is for contests.
it is not the same site as Mac’s so that is correct to enter it wants y to fill in the info
then you tell it where the eggs are :wink:
hUgs B

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if you want to make a deposit only then you simply let it default to the 30 deposit.
then we send a bill when the kit is coming to us for the balance.
hugs Brenda

How does the layaway work?

I like to put the full price of a pre-order kit on layaway and then I pay the invoices they send me. I am usually all paid up by the time the kits ship.


Does this mean I have to place an order and the prize will be shipped along with my order or just that the prize will be shipped to me?

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