Added 2 new beautiful kits to my collection today 😊

Birdie LLE



Wow!! Nice collection of kits!! I just ordered Mic too–he is sweet.


Oooooh where can I get birdie? Looks like my daughter when she was born. I just ordered Ashley and faith to see if they were close.

Amazing collection! I’m going to have to find some space like that soon! I’m supposed to be downsizing do we can live in our rv full time once the kids graduate lol🤪

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How many kits do you have? I estimated about 45? Loving the hospital bassinet how did you get your hands on that? :heart_eyes:


I want to come over and play!!!

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I have one that I would be willing to sell for what I paid ($149.99) plus shipping to you… Let me know if you are interested.

Payment would need to be sent as “Friends and Family” or where you would pay the PayPal fees.

Who are these two? The second one, especially! Super cute!

Me too! Me too!
Can I come over? Ha!

I’d like to know where you got that too! I have been searching for a long time for one. There was one on Amazon once and I passed it up now its gone. What does yours look like? @mcnair6

It is brand new, still in the bag in a rubbermaid container with one other LLE kit. :slight_smile: I bought it directly from LLE, paid my deposit on 2/21/2018 and final payment on 5/14/2018.

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I don’t have a hospital bassinet, just a Baby Birdie kit. :slight_smile:


I was talking about the bassinet, lol! Thanks for answering me though! :grin:

Mick is scrumptious! What a love bug!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I found my birdie here on this forum ask in for sale/wanted and someone may have a birdie to sell you.:blush:

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Any time! Come on over!:blush:

I got that basset about 6 years ago over at doll fan forum. I have about over 100 kits they all dont fit on the shelves lol! These are the ones I really love for me.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh my! You have a nice collection of kits! What are the names of the kits you ordered?

I am laughing at your choice of words! Birdie and Mick, both are beautiful kits. I will say this, I love the shelving idea, easier than plastic bins with lids. Can’t wait to see your work on each.

Natalia the first picture is Birdie by Laura Lee Eagles and her second one is Mick by Adrie Stoete.

@JenLen praying that I run into a bassinet as cute as that!