Acrylic painting questions

Acrylic painting-
I’m looking into painting with acrylics. I don’t have a oven so I can’t use heat set paints and using chalk pastels is getting to be very hard on my hands. I have some experience painting art with acrylics.
But I have questions.

Does vinyl need to have some sort of foundation put on before painting? If it does what would that be?

Does it need some sort of sealant at the end? If so what would that be?

How long does the paint need to cure? Does it need to cure between layers too?

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What type of acrylics are you planning on using? It’s different for different paints. I never had to use a base with my Baby FX but now that I am switching to Reborn FX I am laying down the primer layer at the beginning. It makes for a very nice surface to apply the color to.

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I use Liquitex Professional Soft Body paints. I don’t prime them except for washing well and drying before I start. I always paint the neck and limb flanges also so I have an out of sight area to test for curing. It doesn’t need to cure between layers as long as it’s fully cured before sealing.
I use American Decor Soft Touch Varnish to seal.

Well I currently have a new 24 set of Loew Cornell paints( ) that I was given for Christmas. I don’t know how it is as a paint as I’ve never used it before.

Someone more experienced will come along and help you. I use Art and Magic Waterborne Paints and I do prep first with Folk Art Glass and Tile Medium. Excited to try liquitex soft body paints on an alternative but know that you can use them on a regular baby too. Good Luck!

I would contact Loew Cornell and ask if the paints you have are professional archival. If they are, I’d go ahead and try them.

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I have used Miracle Blend, with them there is a prep and cure time. Plus, to me the colors aren’t as “bold” or true. This is just my personal opinion and isn’t a slander towards the product. All Air dry paints kits should be washed well. I used my useless for washing dishes dishwasher, LOL! If you chose that, don’t let it go to the heat dry cycle. But it saves a ton of time and strain.
I have tried a lot of air dry paints, if I were to chose one today just starting out since Baby FX isn’t going to be produced any longer, I would go with Reborn FX, which is sold by Macpherson’s. I am WOWed! by what I have seen so far by Shelley on Youtube and Angie @ Lil Dumplin’s Nursery. :smiley:

I’m using the Reborn FX right now and trying them out. I love them. Here is a picture of the kit I am working on after just primer and a bit of shading. They are really easy to use. I am mixing my own colors, but they come pre-mixed too


Looks awesome so far… I look forward to seeing more as you continue!! :smiley:

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