Acrylic painting newbie

Hey guys just got my brand new kit reborn Tatiana I believe. She’s is massive and beautiful I’m super excited I plan to paint with acrylics. Does anyone have tips and tricks for me? I won’t be using genesis due to financial issues but don’t worry I have high quality acrylics. Thanks for considering talking with me. Stay blessed


If you’re new to reborning, I suggest watching reborning tutorials. There are many free ones on YouTube. is a good step by step one.


Have you done any painting with acrylics yet? If not I suggest you go and join “The Reborn Connection” for air dry painting. All the information you can possibly need to know is available on there. Angie Jones Lil’ Dumplin Nursery is the most knowledgeable person I know on air dry paints and mediums.


For all purposes of me being pale. I left river the same color as her vinyl and added some blushing to bring life. I am super happy with what I accomplished and decided against veining since she will not be a show doll but a personal child of mine. I hope everyone’s happy with the images shown above. I’m super ecstatic about my baby being so cute and cuddly. Thank you all I got several tutorials saved that everyone linked. Thank you and be blessed!