Accessories on

How do you add accessories on Does it count as a new baby listing so you have to wait a day to add anything else?

You can add the information ahead of time, even the photos, if you check the ‘hidden’ box. You can add as many as you want. Then just change ‘hidden’ to ‘for adoption’ when the 24 hours is up.’ It’s so much easier. You just have to check one thing and they’re ready to go. :wink:


@wispywillowrebo and @Gabriell have listed stuff there… maybe they can help

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Is that some kind of glitch? I can change shipping on a baby and it doesn’t change all of them. Do you add an accessory the same way you add a baby, leaving out the things that are irrelevant, like weight, length, etc?

I could never figure it out

Thanks for sharing that info. that makes things easier.

If you wait until the 24 hours is up, then you can add more than one as long as you check ‘hidden’.

I am having the same problem - I have been trying to add accessories for days - but I don’t want to use my 24 hour window on accessories versus a baby.