Absolutely love the kit from Bountiful Baby and

Absolutely love my first kit from Bountiful Baby. So detailed and deep creases that make it easier for newbies like myself to shade… this is only my second reborn and it’s my first Bountiful Baby kit and I chose Leilani Yawning. She’s a doll and so detailed when you really look at her.

I hope I can at least do this beautiful sculpt justice, although mine will not be near what some I’ve seen on here. Still, she will be mine and I will love her. I’ll share when I get her finished. I am deliberately keeping her lighter than she probably should be but that’s because tended to get my first baby almost too dark for the complexion I was going for.

I’m using Waterbourne Magic Air Dry Paints from the HunnyBun Try Me Set and they are wonderful!!!


Looking good so far and there are no ‘shoulds’.