AA skin glow

Many black people have a soft glowing look to their skin Velvety
.I Think i have my paints how i want them so do i need satin varnish to give that glow ?Who sells satin dont remember seeing it on BB or will the matte do that?I havent even baked my paint yet.maybe im getting ahead of myselfWant to do a final look over on the paint…


Got mine at dollsbysandie! Good stuff!

Beautiful skin tones. :smile:

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Thanks… it all of a sudden came together where i said Yes! Ok Dolls by Sandi good.


He looks really good, you did a great job on the skin tones

Thanks this is Aisha kit.
Thanks Dances

love it i think my next one might be aa

Drove me crazy then found the nitch and after watching painting AA video that helped… and then was fun! Challenge for me though.Other people maybe not.