AA Realborns

Show me your aa realborns please I haven’t seen a lot of them this way

My twins. Not finished yet.


All of these are still WIP babies


AA Realborns I created so far. Working on a Cuddle-baby Realborn Jaxson currently!

Realborn Presley Asleep

Realborn Summer Rain

Realborn Owen

Realborn Evelyn

Realborn Kimberly Versions 1 & 2
(Can’t find the completed photo of her)

Ethnic Realborn Joseph WIP

Realborn Thomas Awake


wow, gorgeous

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I was going to tag Cierra (@specialmoments) but I see she has graced us with her lovelies.

My versions are very light… and seem just to have a tan compared to the tones the other ladies can get. :wink: I did sponge hair on these 3 little Fellas :heart:


Oh…they are beautiful! Which kit is the little boy in the red, white, and navy striped outfit?

thank you. It’s the Ginger kit.

I love their hair! How do you do the sponge hair?

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Black GHSP mixed with varnish then pounced on with a sponge/wedge with holes (kinda like a plucked mottling sponge) I painted it onto the sponge/wedge, then pounced it onto the head.


I’ll need to try that technique on my AA baby, thanks!


I just realized that I evidently did not read the title… lol :wink: Sorry if you wanted only realborns…

These are all beautiful babies.

No that’s ok I love seeing all the aa babies :blush:

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WIP Shyann. She’s my first attempt at ethnic skintones.

She started out as a partially painted kit by Brooke Nicole and I finished her:



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First attempt really?

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Wow!! Izzy! She’s gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

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She looks amazing! I’m working on an AA Shyann. But she’s gonna be nowhere near as good as that…
tells self to not compare work to others

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Thanks everyone, you guys are so sweet!

@EnchantedOrphanage ooh I’m excited to see your version of Shyann! Make sure to post pics. :blush: