Aa painting

can anyone help me? I am in the process of painting my first biracial baby, I have no ideal what colors to use. I tried the color chart wheel but thats no help. I want to know what colors I should use and how many coats. Thanking you in advance! I forgot to say I am using airdry paint!


Try the primary method, yellow washes, red washes n blue washes until you obtain the tone you going for.


Have you watched any AA tutorials on the computer?? That’s probably a good place to start. I’m no help, I don’t paint AA babies (never tried it).

Thank you I will try that in my flesh wash!

I’ve done a few, but I use heat set paints. I do a wash of red, then blue, then yellow, avoiding the palms of hands or soles of feet. I try to heavily blot the “line” around the soles and palms, make sure to blot in between the fingers and toes especially. After about 10 thin washes of each color, I start looking at the tone, and deciding what direction I want to go in. For a biracial tone, I tend to make my washes more pinky, and tone down the blue with some mint green as I continue.

I start emphasizing the shading now as well - between each red-blue-yellow wash set, I do shading in a purpley color. Shading across the middle of the forehead, over the nose and cheekbones, on the sides of the nose, and surrounding the chin is my face routine. I shade the inner ears as well, then do all the creases on the body in the same color. The spots I would blush on a Caucasian baby, I “blush” in a golden-yellowy color. Depending on how light the biracial baby is, I may still want to blush with pinky red as well.

When I’m happy with his coloring, I’ll start on the palms and soles. I start with a couple yellow-peach washes, then I blush there in reddish-pink. Then, I do washes in the color I most wanted to emphasize during my primary color washes - if the baby has a reddy-brown tone, I do orangeish washes (be careful here, it’s easy to make them too orange!) but if the baby has that yellow tone coloring, yellow washes. If the baby is that dark purpely brown, I do purpley-peach washes.

Lips get pinky-purple tones - almost a mucky pink color - for a few washes. Then I use a brighter pink for the inner bottom lip, then a darker lilac color for the outer bottom lip and all of the top lip. I do the nails in the pinky-purple color as well.

I like AA babies because I find it much easier to correct mistakes on them!! But, they have two major challenges: it’s easy to mess up the “lines” between the light colored soles and palms and the rest of their skin tone; and because they don’t have mottling, it can be harder to make them look realistic.

Best of luck!! Don’t regard me as an expert, I’ve only done a handful of AA babies, this is just my personal method developed from reading up/watching videos :slight_smile: