AA making me Crazy!

Doing an AA that started with dark skin.
That ive found is way different than starting an AA with white skin and working up to dark Whew its like doing a negative.All the rules seem to change. For me anyway.No matter what i do or add she lacks color to me.Trying shadows but they all dry nearly exactly the same color.Maybe im just expecting the dolls colors to be lively but they arent.Dont know why i try AAs they just give me a headache…
i have used every color on her from red to yellow to burnt umber.
Please put your AAs up so i can see what i need to do.


Did you try burnt umber with a tiny dab of black?

So this is an AA kit? I REALLY don’t like those. I’ve had much more success, and more enjoyable time, starting from pale and slowly achieving beautiful dark tones. You will have much more control that way.


I can see i should have started with a white vinyl zi used burnt umber and added blue which gave me a darker color brown almost black.I dont have black.

I think this baby is coming along really well. I would just do the alternate yellow (ochre), red and blue layers as needed. She should darken after more layers. i have not done AA baby for ages, but when I did them I would do 3x as many layers as for Caucasian.

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Ludmilla ill try that.

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With the Bi-racial vinyl I use lighter shades to lighten the vinyl. I mix a color ratio from several lighter paints until I achieve the color I want. Apply several washes and works every time!

i went that direction but didnt like the result.Looked slightly chalky but i did use flesh #2 in it

Thanks Sony thats helpful ill try that too. I have lightened the palms and feet but Im not sure im happy with them. Ill take another look today.

i may need to go to that but im trying suggestions here

Look up Kate Charles on YouTube! Her tutorials are phenomenal!!!

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