AA/ethnic Quinton

Has anyone ever made or know where I might see pictures of an aa/ethnic Quinton?

I looked all over and couldn’t locate a single ethnic or bi-racial Quinton. You could make one and he would be super special. There probably are some, but I sure couldn’t find them.


Thanks for looking. I had been looking all week. I was going to buy the kit this weekend just not sure if he’ll be my first that I’ll create or if I was going to send him to an artist to do for me. I’m very nervous about getting started!

If you follow a tutorial you should be fine. If you don’t like what you do, you can always strip the kit and send it someone else. What tutorials would you gals recommend for a bi-racial baby??? I have only made one ethnic doll, so I am not a lot of help there. I did use tutorial from Lara Antonucci but didn’t follow it very closely. It was thorough but pricey. I think there are some free ones… and there are you tube videos available too.

Thanks @honojane. I will try!

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I think we all are nervous our first doll and AA are somewhat harder but take a shot.! Always a first time and i bet it will look great
I look at all i can find free on you tube before i start a new ethnic At least you have an idea .I know light layers are crucial.There may be a tutorial on here also about colors.
I use burnt umber and red blue even yellow layerng depending on which direction im going .Some people add Mars Black .
Im no expert on AA coloring i wing it better to watch a few tutorials


thanks i will probably watch a few atleast to see how to get started