AA colour mix

To make an AA baby can I just mix a brown paint to the colour I like and just keep washing till I get the desired darkness ?
I only have primary colours so wondered which shade of brown would work

@snuggle2me Carrie has a FABULOUS tutorial ~ her AA babies are simply GORGEOUS! Here’s my Daisy that I did using her tutorial:



Thank you @kareninflorida your a life saver x

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YAY! You will LOVE the tutorial, so easy to follow!

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@kareninflorida just noticed it’s Genesis tutorial ?? I’m a miracle blend user ??? x

Ohhh…well, are the MB colors similar? Seems like there might be a way to incorporate MB into it.

@snuggle2me Carrie?

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Maybe? If your good at mixing colors to match the ones in my tutorial. My tutorial has pics of all the flesh and color washes and other details too.

And here are then 3 babies i have done using Carrie’s tutorial. So easy to follow and produces awesome babies!